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The success of every project in the blockchain space can be traced to a loyal, well engaged community across all social media channels. At ICE, we do not take the contributions of the crypto community for granted and as a result of our experience, we have honed the ability to channel the strengths of a well engaged community in achieving desired results

Our focus in marketing mostly lies in building your brand image. We understand how perceptions work in the crypto industry and as a result, use our expertise in digital marketing as well as social media management to ensure your project has a positive appeal to investors, and the crypto community at large

Made up of a team of experienced professionals, we are great at guiding projects through the best possible path on the way to successful development and adoption of their protocols.

A key aspect of any successful project within the blockchain industry has to do with sealing the right partnerships in a timely fashion. At ICE, we have connections to some amazing projects and individuals who can be instrumental in the success of any viable project and we can help ease negotiations as well as serve as a middleman where necessary.

The ICE Module

The Crypto space has remained a "wild west" of sorts for years now; full of unlimited potential, yet treacherous as a result of subtle con men. Trust is a hard commodity on this space and if a project can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are transparent and honest, they stand a chance of making it to the top. When you partner with ICE, we make sure you understand that our first priority is to be an unbiased liaison between your project and the crypto community at large. Due to our experience, we are sure to help build your community organically, engaging them for desired results while ensuring there's smooth communication between your project and the community. Also, with our presence on all social media fronts, we are able to interact with the larger crypto community, creating more exposure for your project and gradually, ultimately, leading to mass exposure and adoption. Our relationship with other projects will also come in handy where partnerships are required as it is established that adopting or building on top of an already existing protocol is a key part of the blockchain cycle now.

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About US

Influenxial Community Engagement

ICE is a Community Engagement and Internet Marketing firm that majors in the enhancement and development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. We offer a wide range of custom services to startups, as well as already established crypto projects. Building healthy and robust communities which ensures protection against fraud while creating trust for the entire community

The firm, ICE, was born out of necessity, a pressing need to balance the scales in communication between the crypto community and the core team of projects. ICE is Co-Founded by a group of experienced professionals who have worked with some of the best projects in the blockchain industry at the time; and after working as employees with top community management firms, felt the need to create a better ecosystem which is balanced between the community and owners of projects.


Growth of Business

We review companies’ business models and help them adjust their businesses within the growing blockchain ecosystem. We’re experienced growth marketing experts and can help you get your brand up to speed. We offer very competitive and flexible pricing model.

Bridge the Gap Between Teams and Communities

A lot of times, community management service has been made a biased one-way street. At ICE, we intend to become a bridge between the community and the project creator. A project cannot be successful without a community that believes and trusts in their abilities and this is exactly how the blockchain industry works.

Front-line Service

ICE aims to deliver a new community management and internet marketing solution; a community engagement service with a fundamental role to spot viable projects, on-board clients at their request and offer the crypto community open communicative management services based on the needs of the community and the project team.

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