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InfluenXial Community Engagement Firm


IceFirm is a Community Engagement and Internet Marketing firm that majors in the enhancement and development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. We offer a wide range of custom services both to startups and to investors. Building healthy and robust community which ensures protection against fraud while creating trust for the entire community.

We review companies’ business models and help them adjust their businesses within the growing blockchain ecosystem. We’re experienced growth marketing experts and can help you get your brand up to speed. We offer very competitive and flexible pricing model. Contact us to find out more

Listening To Communities

Successful projects do not happen without great and healthy communities. We at IceFirm always prioritize the community before anything else. The power that comes with a healthy community can drive projects to the success required. For this reason, we don’t just say what the project creators want us to say to the community.

Believing In Community Values

We work to ensure that our vision, values, and beliefs for the community are protected. To this end we ensure that all unanswered question/concern from the community members are properly addressed by the core team of the project originators.

Two-Way Bridge

Unlike existing community management services where their service is a very biased one-way street, we at ICE intend to become a bridge between the community and the project creator. A project cannot be successful without the community. This is exactly what cryptocurrency is all about. The power of the community who believes in the project that can drive the project forward

The Problem

Community management services have evolved from aiding clients foster healthy and engaged communities to sophisticated service providers that can help run a cryptocurrency project’s social media and engagement channels. These service providers are driven by the rewards that come with assisting cryptocurrency projects in achieving a successful adventure.

As a result, we are witnessing community management services often becoming either too closely tethered to their clients, or deliberately remaining aloof to the crypto community as a siloed entity executing instructions and directions from their clients

The Solution

ICE aims to deliver a new community management and internet marketing solution: a community engagement service with a fundamental role to spot viable projects, onboard clients at their request and offer the crypto community open communicative management services based on the needs of the community and the project team.

The blockchain industry is a product of project teams and communities. Hence, the two parties must be effectively served and represented in order to achieve steady project development.

Our Services

Our services include community engagement and direct customer support, bounty management service, data collection from community, marketing service, white paper writing and editing, and advice on token allocation and economics

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    Frequently asked questions

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    ICE approach community management and engagement differently. We believe in 2-way street between the community and project owner. We do not have intention to become simply the 'extension' of the project team's customer support. We believe proper communication has to benefit both groups
    Beside community engagement service, we offer marketing, promotion, bounty campaign management, data collection from community, advice on token economics, and whitepaper writing/editing service
    We offer very competitive and flexible pricing model. I'm sure our pricing model satisfies everyone because we do not think it's fair if client overpay us for our services
    We do social media engagement, PR and promotion services, and email marketing. Due to our years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, we believe we can do a really good job with our marketing efforts

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